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# A very simple game

## Introduction

This software project is a very simple and stupid video game with a textual interface, where two "pawns" have to fight by moving on the squares of a board.

## Rules of the game

- The setting is a rectangular board, divided in X × Y squares, with
one “bonus” square, and with N pawns distributed over the board
- Each pawn has a number, and turns are based on the order of the
numbers (e.g. 0 plays first, then 1 plays, then 2 plays, etc.)
- Each turn, a pawn moves in a direction (up, down, left, right). There
are two special cases:
    - It encounters a pawn. In that case, it attacks the pawn and hurts
    - It tries to go out of the board, and loses its turn
- When attacking, a pawn normally inflicts 1 damage to another pawn.
However, it inflicts twice the amount if it is on the “bonus” square. If
a pawn kills another one, it earns 1 gold.
- A pawn has 5 hitpoints
- The game is over either when there is 1 pawn left, either when a pawn
has 3 golds.

## Organisation of the code

- `simplegame.cli`: Package with the user interface and the main method.
    - `CLIMain`: The main class, to play the game with a console interface.
- `simplegame.core`: Package with the main classes.
    - `Board Class`: that describes the board.
    - `Direction`: Enumeration of the directions a Pawn can follow.
    - `Game`: Class to initialize and interact with the game.
    - `Pawn`: Class that describes the state and behavior of a Pawn.
- `simplegame.exception`: Package with the exceptions used.
    - `OutOfBoardException`: Sent when a Pawn tries to leave the board.
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## Specification of `isGameOver`

The method `isGameOver` is supposed to go over the different pawns, find whether one has three gold, and return true if that is the case.
This means that the following scenario should work:

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