Commit eb5a2fef authored by Henri BOUVET's avatar Henri BOUVET
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Merge branch 'E148025X-master-patch-90122' into 'master'

Improved comment

See merge request !1
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......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ helper def: SimplifyBooleanAssertion() : Set(java!PrefixExpression) =
-> collect(i | thisModule.MeasureSimplifyBooleanAssertion(i));
--------------------------------------------- SimplifyConditional ---------------------------------------------
--- Main helper for SimplifyConditional
--- Main helper for SimplifyConditional : collects all "&&" and "||" where left operand checks if a variable is null and right operand tests the instance type of the variable.
helper def: simplifyConditional() : Set(smm!Measure) =
->select(bool | thisModule.dealWithAnds(bool) or thisModule.dealWithOrs(bool))
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