Commit 6cc617f5 authored by Leo PORTEJOIE's avatar Leo PORTEJOIE
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Replace Mapping.sparql

parent eeb9960b
......@@ -3,16 +3,23 @@ PREFIX xsd: <>
?id xsd:integer ?idbureau;
dbo:city ?commune;
dbo:postalCode ?code_insee;
dbo:city ?Ville;
dbo:inseeCode ?code_insee;
xsd:integer ?numero_bureau;
xsd:integer ?lien_lieu_vote;
xsd:integer ?lien;
dbo:name ?nom;
dbo:name ?site;
dbo:name ?nom_site;
xsd:integer ?num_canton;
FROM <decoupage-geographique-bureaux-vote-nantes.csv>
BIND(xsd:integer(?gid) AS ?id)
BIND(xsd:integer(?idbureau) AS ?idbureau)
BIND(dbo:city(?commune) AS ?Ville)
BIND(xsd:integer(?numero_bureau) AS ?numero_bureau)
BIND(xsd:integer(?lien_lieu_vote) AS ?lien)
BIND(dbo:name(?nom) AS ?nom)
BIND(dbo:name(?site) AS ?nom_site)
BIND(xsd:integer(?num_canton) AS ?num_canton)
\ No newline at end of file
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