Commit 2f25ac2c authored by Gerson SUNYE's avatar Gerson SUNYE
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Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

Clean rules from issues #663 AvoidDollarSigns

See merge request naomod/mde/projet-2019!100
parents bdf26fc5 3d9239df
......@@ -5,13 +5,8 @@ library codestyle;
-- Rule for metrics AvoidDollarSigns : return the set of class Measures that violates the rule.
helper def: avoidDollarSigns() : Set(smm!Measure) =
-- Browse through all variable/method/class/interface.
java!TypeDeclaration.allInstances()->union(java!MethodDeclaration.allInstances())->union(java!VariableDeclaration.allInstances())->iterate(i; res : Set(smm!Measure) = Set{} |
-- Add a new measurement if the name contains a dollar.
if'$') <> -1
then res->union(Set{thisModule.MesureAvoidDollarSigns(i)})
else res
java!TypeDeclaration.allInstances()->union(java!MethodDeclaration.allInstances())->union(java!VariableDeclaration.allInstances())->select(i |'$') <> -1)
->collect(i | thisModule.MesureAvoidDollarSigns(i));
-- Rule for metrics shortMethodName : return the set of method Measures that violates the rule.
helper def: shortMethodName() : Set(smm!Measure) =
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