Commit a1c81203 authored by Roxane Kang Maréchal's avatar Roxane Kang Maréchal
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Removed 'comments that paraphrase the code' in helper commentRequired()

parent 98496f16
......@@ -6,17 +6,12 @@ library documentation;
helper def: commentRequired() : Set(smm!Measure) =
-- Select only elements from local package
-> select (elem | elem.proxy = false)
-- Select only elements concerned by the CommentRequired properties (eg. methods, fields, class, enum)
-- Get only elements concerned by the CommentRequired properties
-> select (elem | thisModule.commentRequiredPropertyDefinitions().getKeys().contains(elem.oclType().name))
-- Select those that violate the CommentRequired rule
-> select (elem | thisModule.violatesCommentRequired(elem))
-- For each element that has violated the rule, create a measure
-> collect (elem | thisModule.MeasureCommentRequired(elem, thisModule.violatedCommentRequiredProperties(elem)))
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