Commit 6dbd5056 authored by ducanh-le's avatar ducanh-le
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Change package for CommandBlockingQueue and add comment.

parent 982fd545
......@@ -2,10 +2,9 @@ package fr.alma.gtd.server.main;
import fr.alma.gtd.server.core.*;
import fr.alma.gtd.server.main.commande.Command;
import fr.alma.gtd.server.main.commande.CommandBlockingQueue;
import fr.alma.gtd.server.main.reactor.CommandBlockingQueue;
import fr.alma.gtd.server.main.commande.CommandFactory;
import fr.alma.gtd.server.main.reactor.Acceptor;
import fr.alma.gtd.server.main.reactor.CommandThread;
import java.util.Date;
import java.util.List;
......@@ -23,10 +22,23 @@ public class GTDServerWithReactor implements GTDServer {
private static GTDServer instance = new GTDServerWithReactor();
private static BlockingQueue<Command> arrivingCalls = new LinkedBlockingQueue<Command>();
* The status of queueing.
private static Boolean commandIsQueueing = false;
* The command factory.
private CommandFactory commandFactory;
* The acceptor.
private Acceptor acceptor;
private final String invalidIdentification = "Invalid identification";
private final String invalidIdentification = "Invalid identification!";
private GTDServerWithReactor() {
package fr.alma.gtd.server.main.commande;
package fr.alma.gtd.server.main.reactor;
import fr.alma.gtd.server.main.GTDServerWithReactor;
* The class for launching the thread which execute the commands for GTDServerWithReactor.
public class CommandBlockingQueue implements Runnable {
public CommandBlockingQueue() {
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