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fix rebase conflicts

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include "common.thrift"
namespace java fr.univnantes.alma.thrift
enum PlayerState {
struct PlayerStateResponse {
1: PlayerState state,
2: string message
struct Player {
1: i32 id,
2: string name,
3: PlayerState state,
4: optional list<HuntCard> huntCards,
5: optional list<PlaceCard> placeCards,
struct Winner {
1: Player winner,
2: string message
struct HuntCard {
1: i32 phase,
2: string name,
3: bool visible
struct PlaceCard {
1: i32 number,
2: string name,
3: bool visible
struct BoardGameState {
1: i32 assimilationTokenPosition,
2: i32 rescuePawnPosition,
3: optional bool isBoardFacing,
4: list<Player> players
service GameClientService {
bool ping() throws (1:common.InvalidOperationException e)
string gameStart(BoardGameState boardGameState)
PlayerStateResponse blockActions()
PlayerStateResponse unblockActions()
void showPlayedCard()
string updatedGameBoard(BoardGameState bordGameState)
string endGame(Winner winner);
include "common.thrift"
namespace java fr.univnantes.alma.thrift
struct JoinRequest {
1: string name
struct InfoClient{
1: string ip
2: string port
struct PlayerID{
1: string id
service GameServerService {
i32 createGame(i32 numberOfPlayers)
i32 join(i32 gameId, JoinRequest request) throws (1:common.GameNotFound e)
common.Response isConnected(PlayerID player, InfoClient params)
common.Phase nextPhase(common.Phase phase)
common.Response resits(PlayerID hunted)
common.Response toGo(PlayerID hunted)
common.Response playPlaceCard(PlayerID hunted, common.Card card)
common.Response putToken(common.Token token, common.Place place)
common.Response playHuntCard(PlayerID creature, common.Card card)
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