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# doxygen-example
A silly C program example to demonstrate doxygen
## Requirements
- Doxygen
- GraphViz (dot) [optionally]
- make [on *nix]
If generating PDFs:
- PDF-LaTeX (I use MikTex). This may ask for permission, and install sub packages
during a make operation
- Ghostscript
## Generate documentation
- To generate doxygen documentation run:
doxygen ./doxygen/Doxyfile
Generate HTML will be located in the location specified by the Doxyfile, in this
case `./doxygen/documentation/html`.
- If also generating a PDF, an extra step is required:
- On Windows:
> ./doxygen/documentation/latex/make.bat
- On *nix:
$ make all -C ./doxygen/documentation/latex/
The resulting PDF is named refman.pdf and is placed in the latex directory.
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