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......@@ -141,7 +141,7 @@ The provided data corresponds to the VIP of both models to assess statistical si
The variables represented in pink in the SUS plot are those listed in the “result$featuresSelection” table. The parameters used for features selection can be modified within the function argument “lim.VIP”.
Multivariate data analysis using POChEMon
<h2>Multivariate data analysis using POChEMon</h2>
The data analysis strategy corresponds to the comparison of mixed metabolome samples with a model mixing both pure metabolomes. For more information, please read the following publication: Jansen, J.J., Blanchet, L., Buydens, L.M.C., Bertrand, S., Wolfender, J.-L., 2015. Projected Orthogonalized CHemical Encounter MONitoring (POCHEMON) for microbial interactions in co-culture. Metabolomics 11(4), 908-919,
This data analysis is achieved as follow:
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