Commit 35f93a19 authored by Damien VINTACHE's avatar Damien VINTACHE
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add perl to the fastQC environment

parent 66cf7180
name: fastQCEnv
name: fastqc
- conda-forge
- bioconda
- defaults
- fastqc=0.11.5=1
- java-jdk=8.0.92=1
prefix: /home/vintache-d/RNAseq_quantif_pipeline/miniconda/envs/fastQCEnv
- fastqc=0.11.7=4
- libgcc-ng=7.2.0=hdf63c60_3
- openjdk=8.0.144=zulu8.23.0.3_2
- perl=5.26.2=h470a237_0
prefix: /home/vintache-d/RNAseq_quantif_pipeline/miniconda/envs/fastqc
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