Commit f7b5a4f3 authored by Damien VINTACHE's avatar Damien VINTACHE Committed by vintache-d
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Update .gitlab-ci.yml - set proxy variable for docker execution

parent 2d9cf2c4
......@@ -33,7 +33,12 @@ test:
- test-CI
- docker run
- docker run --env HTTP_PROXY="http://proxy-upgrade.univ-nantes.prive:3128"
--env HTTPS_PROXY="http://proxy-upgrade.univ-nantes.prive:3128"
--env FTP_PROXY="http://proxy-upgrade.univ-nantes.prive:3128"
--env http_proxy="http://proxy-upgrade.univ-nantes.prive:3128"
--env https_proxy="http://proxy-upgrade.univ-nantes.prive:3128"
--env ftp_proxy="http://proxy-upgrade.univ-nantes.prive:3128"
$CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE ".ci/scripts/ CONFIG/project.json CONFIG/config.json"
when: on_success # s'exécutera uniquement si le job `job:build` passe
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