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If you want to analyse multiple plates into one project, please see [the multiplates analysis](
Acknowledgement and fundings
Some scripts of the pipeline regarding sample demultiplexing and UMI counting have been adapated and modified from this paper:
[Xiong, Y., Soumillon, M., Wu, J. et al. A Comparison of mRNA Sequencing with Random Primed and 3′-Directed Libraries. Sci Rep 7, 14626 (2017).](
Many thanks to Dimitri MEISTERMANN for the secondary analysis R pipeline and to Philippe BORDRON for debugging and tertiary analysis.
This development has been supported by 1) [Biogenouest](, technological core facilities networks and 2)[DataSanté]( project :"Personalised medicine and big data: the challenges of a new practice".
This two programs are funded by the Pays de la Loire region.
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