Commit 25f01eca authored by Erwan Bousse's avatar Erwan Bousse

Changing the category to test using plugins directly

parent 377cc089
...@@ -3,9 +3,8 @@ ...@@ -3,9 +3,8 @@
<description name="Moclodash"> <description name="Moclodash">
</description> </description>
<feature url="features/fr.inria.diverse.cloning.feature_0.1.0.qualifier.jar" id="fr.inria.diverse.cloning.feature" version="0.1.0.qualifier"> <bundle id="fr.inria.diverse.cloning.materialgenerator" version="0.1.0.qualifier"/>
<category name="moclodash"/> <bundle id="fr.inria.diverse.cloning.runtime" version="0.1.0.qualifier"/>
<category-def name="moclodash" label="Moclodash"> <category-def name="moclodash" label="Moclodash">
<description> <description>
Contains all moclodash features. Contains all moclodash features.
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