Getting started

What you need:

In this guide, we consider an empty EMF project called “MyProject” containing a folder “model”, in which the ecore files are stored. More preceisely, our starting point is the following:

Starting point: a single project with a single ecore file.

Generating cloning material

In this first part we generate all the java code required to created runtime representations of models of a given metamodel, including those of memory efficient clones.

  1. From a Java perspective, go to Run → Run configurations. Right click on CloningMaterialGeneration, and select New.
  2. There are three fields to fill and a checkbox:
    • the folder that contains all the ecore files,
    • the project in which the Java code must be generated,
    • the name of the metamodel (which is mostly useful when the metamodel contains multiple packages or files).
    • if you also want to make a call to the EMF model code generator without handling a genmodel file yourself, tick the checkbox Creating a cloning material generation run configuration.
  3. Press “Run”. If you enabled the console view, then you can observe the progress. In the end, four packages are created (one per cloning strategy) each containing:
    • A Copier class, used by the cloner to instantiate java proxy classes when a class is partially shareable,
    • A Tags class, which can tell if a class is shareable or not for this strategy,
    • Proxy java classes for all classes of the metamodel that are partially shareable. Getting a blink at the results.

Using the cloning strategies

In this second part we use the provided API to clone models using the different strategies. Here is a sample of code that creates a model using the same metamodel as previsously, and then clones it using the four cloning strategies:

/* Creating a model */

ResourceSet mymodel = new ResourceSetImpl();
Resource resource = mymodel.createResource(URI.createFileURI("/tmp/mymodel.xmi"));

MymetamodelFactory factory = MymetamodelFactory.eINSTANCE;

ReadOnlyLeaf ro = factory.createReadOnlyLeaf();

MutableLeaf mut = factory.createMutableLeaf();

Root r = factory.createRoot();


/* Cloning the model with the four strategies */

Cloner deepCloningCloner = new ClonerImpl(MyMMDeepCloningCloningMaterial.getInstance());
ResourceSet clone1 = deepCloningCloner.clone(mymodel, "deepClones");

Cloner shareFieldsOnlyCloner = new ClonerImpl(
ResourceSet clone2 = shareFieldsOnlyCloner.clone(mymodel, "shareFieldsOnlyClones");

Cloner shareObjOnlyCloner = new ClonerImpl(MyMMShareObjOnlyCloningMaterial.getInstance());
ResourceSet clone3 = shareObjOnlyCloner.clone(mymodel, "shareObjOnlyClones");

Cloner shareAllCloner = new ClonerImpl(MyMMShareAllCloningMaterial.getInstance());
ResourceSet clone4 = shareAllCloner.clone(mymodel, "shareAlldeepClones");