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$tag = $_GET['tag'];
if(!$tag) $tag="B41284J";
$matos = new dellAsset(array("tag" => $tag));
if(!$matos->ServiceTag) die($matos->errormsg);
print "Service tag: ".$matos->ServiceTag."<br>";
print "Modele: ".$matos->SystemModel."<Br>";
print "Type: ".$matos->SystemType."<br>";
print "Date de livraison: ".$matos->SystemShipDate."<br><br>";
print "Garanties:<br>";
foreach($matos->Warranties as $warranty) {
print "Nom: ".$warranty->ServiceLevelDescription."<br>";
#print "<pre>".print_r($warranty,1)."</pre>";
print "Date de debut: ".$warranty->StartDate."<br>";
print "Date de fin: ".$warranty->EndDate."<br>";
print "Status: ".$warranty->EntitlementType."<br>";
print "<br>";
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