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    Multi-EKF support (ekf2) · 0f411d68
    Daniel Agar authored
     - ekf2 can now run in multi-instance mode (currently up to 9 instances)
        - in multi mode all estimates are published to alternate topics (eg estimator_attitude instead of vehicle_attitude)
     - new ekf2 selector runs in multi-instance mode to monitor and compare all instances, selecting a primary (eg N x estimator_attitude => vehicle_attitude)
     - sensors module accel & gyro inconsistency checks are now relative to the mean of all instances, rather than the current primary (when active ekf2 selector is responsible for choosing primary accel & gyro)
     - existing consumers of estimator_status must check estimator_selector_status to select current primary instance status
     - ekf2 single instance mode is still fully supported and the default
    Co-authored-by: default avatarPaul Riseborough <gncsolns@gmail.com>