Commit 253f6481 authored by Damien SIX's avatar Damien SIX
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minor changes and sitl_gazebo

parent b61dcc6b
......@@ -22,3 +22,6 @@ param set COM_OBL_RC_ACT 4
param set COM_RC_IN_MODE 1
param set NAV_RCL_ACT 4
param set COM_RC_OVERRIDE 0
param set IMU_ACCEL_CUTOFF 0
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ function spawn_gazebo_model() {
SUPPORTED_MODELS=("iris" "iris_rtps" "plane" "standard_vtol" "rover" "r1_rover" "typhoon_h480" "crazy2fly" "crazy2fly_rtps" "crazyflie2_rtps")
SUPPORTED_MODELS=("iris" "iris_rtps" "plane" "standard_vtol" "rover" "r1_rover" "typhoon_h480" "crazy2fly" "crazy2fly_rtps" "crazyflie2" "crazyflie2_rtps")
if [[ " ${SUPPORTED_MODELS[*]} " != *"$MODEL"* ]];
echo "ERROR: Currently only vehicle model $MODEL is not supported!"
Subproject commit 7a1ab7d3c76194a1e31c98e9607047c8d3611e4b
Subproject commit edfa5606e9b5641a863eedbbf076d73bda5f3231
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