Commit 46c34b7b authored by Damien SIX's avatar Damien SIX
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New ros_bridge node for simulation

parent d3e35b4a
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ function px4_instance() {
if [[ $MODEL == *"rtps" ]];
'gnome-terminal' -t "RTPSAgent$N" -- micrortps_agent -t UDP -r $((2020+${N}*2)) -s $((2019+${N}*2)) -n "Drone$((1+${N}))"
'gnome-terminal' -t "RTPSAgent$((1+${N}))" -- ros2 run ls2n_px4_ros_com micrortps_agent --ros-args -r __ns:=/Drone$((1+${N})) -p transport:=UDP -p receive_port:=$((2020+${N}*2)) -p send_port:=$((2019+${N}*2))
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