Commit 75677044 authored by Damien SIX's avatar Damien SIX
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parent 33930bbb
......@@ -45,9 +45,9 @@ function spawn_model() {
gnome-terminal -t "SITLDrone$N" -- ../bin/px4 -i $N -d "$build_path/etc" -w sitl_${MODEL}_${N} -s etc/init.d-posix/rcS
python3 ${src_path}/Tools/sitl_gazebo/scripts/ ${src_path}/Tools/sitl_gazebo/models/${MODEL_SHORT}/${MODEL_SHORT}.sdf.jinja ${src_path}/Tools/sitl_gazebo --mavlink_tcp_port $((4560+${N})) --mavlink_udp_port $((14560+${N})) --mavlink_id $((1+${N})) --gst_udp_port $((5600+${N})) --video_uri $((5600+${N})) --mavlink_cam_udp_port $((14530+${N})) --drone_number $((1+${N})) --output-file /tmp/${MODEL}_${N}.sdf
echo "Spawning ${MODEL}_${N} at ${X} ${Y}"
echo "Spawning ${MODEL}_$((1+${N})) at ${X} ${Y}"
gz model --spawn-file=/tmp/${MODEL}_${N}.sdf --model-name=${MODEL}_${N} -x ${X} -y ${Y} -z 0.1
gz model --spawn-file=/tmp/${MODEL}_${N}.sdf --model-name=${MODEL}_$((1+${N})) -x ${X} -y ${Y} -z 0.1
popd &>/dev/null
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