Commit b9e0a165 authored by PX4 BuildBot's avatar PX4 BuildBot Committed by Daniel Agar
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Update submodule public_regulated_data_types to latest Mon Apr 12 12:45:35 UTC 2021

    - public_regulated_data_types in PX4/Firmware (9101f5707a251c33048289249bd565eba5d3a848):
    - public_regulated_data_types current upstream:
    - Changes:

    309b251 2021-04-11 Peter van der Perk - reg.drone Battery parameters add nominal voltage (#113)
parent 991c07ee
Subproject commit 53a7dbbf85554e11517c13ad91b9efb871599ad1
Subproject commit 309b251a7e8d713d6bf428e18e28d91d5f07b73e
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