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    • Julian Kent's avatar
      Fix RTPS builds · a3e0e2e8
      Julian Kent authored
    • Martina Rivizzigno's avatar
      Support for gimbal v2 protocol · 48b00ff6
      Martina Rivizzigno authored
      - add command to request a message
      - add gimbal attitude message
      mavlink_receiver handle GIMBAL_MANAGER_SET_ATTITUDE
      first implementation of new vmount input MavlinkGimbalV2
      - setup class
      - decode gimbal_manager_set_attitude in ControlData
      add gimbal information message
      add gimbal manager information and vehicle command ack
      mavlink messages: add stream for GIMBAL_MANAGER_INFORMATION
      mavlink_receiver: handle GIMBAL_DEVICE_INFORMATION
      remove mavlink cmd handling from vmount input MavlinkGimbalV2
      complete gimbal manager:
      - send out fake gimbal_device_information for dummy gimbals
      - complete ROI handling with nudging
      small fixes
      fix typos
      - gimbal device information
      - flags lock
      - check sanity of string
      add support for CMD_DO_GIMBAL_MANAGER_ATTITUDE
      stream GimbalDeviceAttitudeStatus for dummy gimbals
      - add uROB gimbal_attitude_status
      - fill status in vmount output_rc for dummy gimbals not able to send the
      status themselves
      - stream mavlink GimbalDeviceAttitudeStatus
      better handle the request for gimbal infomation request
      clean up
      bring gimbal information back on vmount init
      add new gimbal message to mavlink normal stream
      fix publication of gimbal device information
      rename gimbal_attitude_status to gimbal_device_attitude_status
      stream gimbal_manager_status at 5Hz
      mavlink: send information only on request
      Sending the information message once on request should now work and we
      don't need to keep publishing it.
      mavlink: debug output for now
      make sure to copy over control data
      mavlink: add missing copyright header, pragma once
      mavlink: address review comments
      mavlink: handle stream not updated
      Our answer does not just depend on whether the stream was found but
      whether we actually were able to send out an update.
      mavlink: remove outdated comment
      vmount: add option for yaw stabilization only
      The stabilize flag is used for gimbals which do not have an internal IMU
      and need the autopilot's attitude in order to do stabilization. These
      gimbals are probably quite rare by now but it makes sense to keep the
      functionality given it can e.g. be used by simple servo gimbals for
      sensors other than highres cameras.
      The stabilize flag can also be re-used for gimbals which are capable of
      stabilizing pitch and roll but not absolute yaw (e.g. locked to North).
      For such gimbals we can now set the param MNT_DO_STAB to 2.
      We still support configuring which axes are stabilized by the
      MAVLink command DO_MOUNT_CONFIGURE, however, this is generally not
      recommended anymore.
      vmount: fix incorrect check for bit flag
      mavlink_messages: remove debug message
      Signed-off-by: default avatarClaudio Micheli <claudio@auterion.com>
      use device id
      remove debug print
      gimbal attitude fix mistake
      clang tidy fix
      - gimbal_attitude -> gimbal_device_set_attitude, gimbal_manager_set_attitude
      - gimbal_information -> gimbal_device_informatio, gimbal_manager_information
      add gimbal protocol messages to rtps msg ids
      support set attitude for gimbal directly speaking mavlink
      clean up gimbal urob messages
      vmount: address a few small review comments
      vmount: split output into v1 and v2 protocol
      This way we can continue to support the MAVLink v1 protocol. Also, we
      don't send the old vehicle commands when actually using the new v2
      vmount: config via ctor instead of duplicate param
      vmount: use loop to poll all topics
      Otherwise we might give up too soon and miss some data, or run too fast
      based on commands that have nothing to do with the gimbal.
      typhoon_h480: use gimbal v2 protocol, use yaw stab
      Let's by default use the v2 protocol with typhoon_h480 and enable yaw
      lock mode by stabilizing yaw.
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    • Gerald's avatar
      update uorb_rtps_message_ids.yaml for id: 30 · 88c68914
      Gerald authored
      For some usecases like starting video recording on a companion computer or triggering a ROS based (offboard control) mission control execution the status of RC channel is needed in ROS(2). This allows the user to start/stop such functionalities from the RC transmitter.
      Therefore InputRc to be changed accordingly.
      add 'Set send: true' for id: 30
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  20. 29 Dec, 2020 1 commit
    • Daniel Agar's avatar
      msg: new estimator_status_flags message for more accessible ekf2 status logging · 4f62355d
      Daniel Agar authored
       - log all estimator (ekf2) flags as separate booleans in a new dedicated low rate message (only publishes at 1 Hz or immediately on any change)
       - this is a bit verbose, but it avoids the duplicate bit definitions we currently have across PX4 msgs, ecl analysis script, flight review, and many other custom tools and it's much easier for casual log review in FlightPlot, PlotJuggler, csv, etc
       - for compatibility I've left estimator_status filter_fault_flags, innovation_check_flags, and solution_status_flags in place, but they can gradually be removed as tooling is updated
      Co-authored-by: default avatarMathieu Bresciani <brescianimathieu@gmail.com>
  21. 11 Dec, 2020 1 commit
    • Daniel Agar's avatar
      new manual_control_switches msg (split out of manual_control_setpoint) (#16270) · ef6209ba
      Daniel Agar authored
       - split out switches from manual_control_setpoint into new message manual_control_switches
       - manual_control_switches published at minimal rate (~ 1 Hz) or immediately on change
       - simple switch debounce in rc_update (2 consecutive identical decodes required)
       - manual_control_switches logged at full rate rather than sampled at (5-10% of messages logged)
       - manual_control_setpoint publish at minimal rate unless changing
       - commander handle landing gear switch for manual modes
       - processing of mode_slot and mode_switch is now split so we only do one or the other (not both)
           - a future step will be to finally drop mode_switch and accompanying switches entirely
      Co-authored-by: default avatarMatthias Grob <maetugr@gmail.com>
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    • Daniel Agar's avatar
      rename vehicle_visual_odometry_aligned -> estimator_visual_odometry_aligned · df2f26eb
      Daniel Agar authored
       - saves a small amount of work for the ekf2 selector in multi-EKF mode (visual_odometry_aligned now ignored)
       - helps to distinguish the origin/purpose from vehicle_odometry and vehicle_visual_odometry
    • Daniel Agar's avatar
      Multi-EKF support (ekf2) · 0f411d68
      Daniel Agar authored
       - ekf2 can now run in multi-instance mode (currently up to 9 instances)
          - in multi mode all estimates are published to alternate topics (eg estimator_attitude instead of vehicle_attitude)
       - new ekf2 selector runs in multi-instance mode to monitor and compare all instances, selecting a primary (eg N x estimator_attitude => vehicle_attitude)
       - sensors module accel & gyro inconsistency checks are now relative to the mean of all instances, rather than the current primary (when active ekf2 selector is responsible for choosing primary accel & gyro)
       - existing consumers of estimator_status must check estimator_selector_status to select current primary instance status
       - ekf2 single instance mode is still fully supported and the default
      Co-authored-by: default avatarPaul Riseborough <gncsolns@gmail.com>
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