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      mavlink: fix offboard velocity input · 349dd630
      Julian Oes authored
      This reverts the behavior for offboard velocity setpoint.
      Back in v1.11, the velocity input in NED_BODY was assumed to be in the
      world frame but rotated by yaw to the vehicle frame. With the current
      state the frame is completely fixed to the body. While this might be
      technically correct, it doesn't seem much intuitive for multicopters
      and breaks the MAVSDK offboard velocity API.
      So as an example, with a velocity setpoint of 5 m/s forward, the drone
      would in
      - v1.11: fly forward with 5 m/s
      - v1.12: start to fly forward by pitching down but then descend rapidly
        as the forward velocity would translate to a setpoint in Z into the
        ground as it is pitched down.
      This commit restores the behavior to what we had previously.
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      Revert "nxp_fmuk66-v3:DMA Poll not needed" · 6b51c639
      David Sidrane authored
      This reverts commit 962f0222.
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      Revert "nxp_fmuk66-e:DMA Poll not needed" · 4f7909ee
      David Sidrane authored
      This reverts commit 39d68495.
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      NuttX with Kinetis SerialPoll back in · cbb48f9a
      David Sidrane authored
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