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      Removed unused computation of CoG (#737) · 05e2cd9c
      Manuel Galliker authored
      * Removed unused computation of CoG
      In the lift drag plugin there were a few lines of code used to compute the center of gravity of the respective link. Since the variables themselfes are unused I propose to remove them.
      * Revert "Removed unused computation of CoG"
      This reverts commit 97378945e26c16ce3341090c4b453731b2aeadd9.
      Reverted changes to undo the formatting.
      * Removed unused computation of CoG
      In the lift drag plugin there were a few lines of code used to compute the center of gravity of the respective link. Since the variables themselfes are unused I propose to remove them.
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      Fixing Old HITL Iris SDF (#734) · 6fc9ef05
      eldewany authored
      * Update iris_hitl.sdf
      The Old SDF file didn't show correctly in gazebo and the rotor blades were self collapsing and it was not working. Regenerating the SDF again from the jinja template and making the necessary HITL specific changes in the mavlink plugin, it all worked well and showed correctly in Gazebo.
      * Update iris_hitl.sdf
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      Multiple airspeed sensors in SITL with multi HIL_SENSOR instances (#731) · 3e5fed04
      JaeyoungLim authored
      * Add sensor interface
      Abstracts sensor interface for the mavlink class
      Add sensor msg mutex
      * Enable multiple instances of HIL messages
      This commit enables having multiple instances of HILdata instances in order to support multi-sensor setups for sensors that are included in the HIL_SENSOR mavlink message
      * Register new HIL sensor instance if id has never been seen
      This commit enables registering new sensor istances if the ids have never been seen before. This enables using non-sequential instance IDs
      * Convert airspeed plugin into a sensor plugin
      This commit sets the airspeed plugin into a sensor plugin. This allows the gazebo_mavlink_interface to automatically subscribes to the sensor topics
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      Add depth camera model for ROS2 environment (#707) · bebb9a95
      Dongoo Lee authored
      * add jinja template for depth_camera in ros/ros2 environment
      * modify parameters and frame name for ros2
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      Implement gimbal controller as MAVLink gimbal v2 device (#703) · 97c167d1
      Julian Oes authored
      * gazebo_gimbal_controller: add Mavlink interface
      This is work in progress to add control the gimbal as a gimbal device
      using the mavlink gimbal v2 protocol.
      * gazebo_gimbal_controller: work on vehicle yaw
      We now get the vehicle yaw from the mavlink message. This means we are
      independent of the PX4 orientation and can also test the gimbal device
      on its own using the gimbal_device_tester from the MAVSDK examples.
      A nicer solution in the future might be to have a very simple state
      estimator implemented in the controller which then uses the
      autopilot_state_to_gimbal_device message for corrections.
      This commit also implements yaw follow and lock mode.
      * gazebo_gimbal_controller: send correct limits
      * typhoon_h480: adapt gimbal limits
      * gazebo_gimbal_controller: implement angle and rate
      This should implement attitude control with gimbal angles,
      angular rates, or both together.
      * gazebo_gimbal_controller: switch UDP port
      This is to connect to PX4.
      * gazebo_gimbal_controller: fix follow mode angle
      * gimbal_controller_plugin: fix limits
      This was required after the mavlink headers were updated.
      * geotagged_images: handle start/stop streaming cmds
      This prevents unnecessary retransmissions on the QGC side.
      * gimbal_controller_plugin: ignore unknown msgs
      Let's not send unnecesssary acks. This otherwise triggers warnings such
      as this in QGC:
      VehicleLog: _handleCommandAck: mavlink component is ack'ing with
          different comp id:  154 instead of  100  for command 512
      * gimbal_controller: add support for neutral mode
      * models: remove inf from sdf as it's not valid
      * Retune gimbal controller
      Co-authored-by: default avatarJaeyoung-Lim <jaeyoung@auterion.com>
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