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# Software Construction and Evolution
= Software Construction and Evolution
== Main objectives
## Main objectives
After taking this course, the student should master the following subjects:
1. Work with junior project team to complete and deliver the junior project to the client. In doing so, demonstrate the ability to work within a team to deliver a multi-term-sized project to an external client successfully.
......@@ -14,21 +15,35 @@ After taking this course, the student should master the following subjects:
9. Describe software modernization approaches such as reverse engineering, reengineering, salvaging, and restructuring.
10. Describe the ways configuration management is used in production systems.
## Organization
1. [Software Construction](
2. [Mapping UML Designs to Code (Structural Aspects)](
3. [Mapping UML Designs to Code (Behavioral Aspects)](
4. [Sofware Evolution](
5. [Refactoring](
6. [Unit Testing](
7. [Test-Driven Development](
8. [Automatic Code Generation](
9. [Design Patterns](
== Additional Resources
- [Software Patterns Catalog](
== Launching the presentation locally
- Clone the project, cd into it and install[Asciidoctor Reveal.js] using[Bundler]:
git clone
cd slides
bundle install
- Run `` that will:
* clone reveal.js and
* compile all asciidoc source.
- Start a web server with python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080 or ruby -run -e httpd . -p 8080 -b
or even better with to have live-reload each time files are modified.
- Open http://localhost:8080/demo which should show the stereopticon demo.
_Optional: if working in a VSCode environment,
use the[Save and Run] extension to automatically
run `` after each SCSS file change.
Combined with[live server] this is amazing._
10. [Continuous Integration](
11. [Apache Maven](
## Additional Resources
- [Software Patterns Catalog](
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