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......@@ -10,8 +10,21 @@ After taking this course, the student should master the following subjects:
5. Construct software so that it meets delivery and deployment objectives specified by the project.
6. Apply the corrective, perfective, adaptive and preventive types of software changes and maintenance types.
7. Apply impact analysis and other software source analysis to understanding existing software.
8. Use systematic exception handling and other& techniques in promoting fault-tolerance.
8. Use systematic exception handling and other techniques in promoting fault-tolerance.
9. Describe software modernization approaches such as reverse engineering, reengineering, salvaging, and restructuring.
10. Describe the ways configuration management is used in production systems.
## Organization
1. [Software Construction](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/1)
2. [Mapping UML Designs to Code (Structural Aspects)](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/2)
3. [Mapping UML Designs to Code (Behavioral Aspects)](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/3)
4. [Sofware Evolution](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/4)
5. [Refactoring](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/5)
6. [Unit Testing](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/6)
7. [Test-Driven Development](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/7)
8. [Automatic Code Generation](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/8)
9. [Design Patterns](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/9)
10. [Continuous Integration](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/10)
11. [Apache Maven](https://sunye.github.io/software-construction/#/11)
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