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= Web Semantic project
this project has been done by the students :
- Romain Dupont
- Ismaël Benbrik--kerhamon
- Teddy Barkou
In Master 1 ALMA 2021-2022
== how can you use our data?
=== Git structure
There are 2 differents directory :
* *_Data_* which is representing the data that you need to have to test our project
* *_Requetes_* where you will find every requests that have been made during the step 2 and 3.
In addition, you'll find the _mapping.sparql_ file that have been used to generate turtle files.
Turtle files have been generated in 2 differents modes :
* Basic turtle
* N-triples turtle
Please note that if you're using apache fuseki as server, you can upload one of the 2 file, they're both working.
=== Using our data
Our basic data are those in the files named dataGrp10.
in addition, to link to other groups, we needed a dataset with both the insee code and the postal code of each city in France. As our base dataset does not contain these 2 informations in the same time, we found another dataset, which is located in the folder *_Data-additionnelle_*.
Also, we directly downloaded the files of the other groups we worked with. They are stored in the folder _Autres Groupes_.
If you want to test our queries, you will need to make graphs with all the data you need. You will have to name the graphs in this format :
- _, with X the number of the group
- _ for the file that is named _DataGrp10Extended_ in the folder *_Data/Data-additionnelle_*
== Any questions ?
Don't hesitate to directly send an email to
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# Projet web-semantique
Projet dana de web sémantique fait par les étudiants : Romain DUPONT, Teddy BARKOU et Ismaël BENBRIK--KERHAMON
M1 ALMA 2021-2022
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@prefix void: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix owl: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .
@prefix dcterms: <> .
@prefix foaf: <> .
@prefix wv: <> .
@prefix sd: <> .
@prefix ex: <> .
@prefix : <#> .
:RecensementPopulation rdf:type void:Dataset;
dcterms:title "Recensement Population in 2018";
dcterms:description "census of the french population by french cities in 2018";
dcterms:source <>;
void:propertyPartition [ void:property rdf:type; ];
void:propertyPartition [ void:property dbo:City; ];
void:propertyPartition [ void:property dbo:Name; ];
void:propertyPartition [ void:property dbo:inseeCode; ];
void:propertyPartition [ void:property ex:inhabitantsUnder25y; ];
void:propertyPartition [ void:property ex:inhabitantsBetween25and65y; ];
void:propertyPartition [ void:property ex:inhabitantsAbove65y; ];
void:propertyPartition [ void:property ex:avgHouseholdSize; ];
void:propertyPartition [ void:property ex:departement; ];
void:propertyPartition [ void:property ex:region; ];
void:propertyPartition [ void:property ex:totalPopulation; ];
dcterms:publisher :RomainDupont;
dcterms:publisher :IsmaëlBenbrik;
dcterms:publisher :TeddyBarkou;
void:entities 34949;
:RomainDupont a foaf:Person;
rdfs:label "Romain Dupont";
foaf:mbox <> .
:IsmaëlBenbrik a foaf:Person;
rdfs:label "Ismaël Benbrik--kerhamon";
foaf:mbox <> .
:TeddyBarkou a foaf:Person;
rdfs:label "Teddy Barkou";
foaf:mbox <> .
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