Commit fe5d19d9 authored by Florian RICHOUX's avatar Florian RICHOUX

fix typo

parent 52a9b362
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ from models.lstm32_3conv3_3dense_shared import LSTM32_3Conv3_3Dense_S
from models.lstm64_3conv3_2dense_shared import LSTM64_3Conv3_2Dense_S
from models.lstm64drop_3conv3_3dense_shared import LSTM64Drop_3Conv3_3Dense_S
from models.lstm64x2_3conv3_10dense_shared import LSTM64x2_3Conv3_10Dense_S
from models.lstm64x2_enbed2_10dense_shared import LSTM64x2_Embed2_10Dense_S
from models.lstm64x2_embed2_10dense_shared import LSTM64x2_Embed2_10Dense_S
from models.fc6_embed3_2dense import FC6_Embed3_2Dense
from models.fc2_2dense import FC2_2Dense
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