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Reste à corriger un cas
parent ad7d404e
......@@ -84,7 +84,18 @@ class Fortune:
if p1 is p3:
min = findMinCircle(p1, p, site)
computeBreakPoint(p1, p, min.point.getY())
results = computeBreakPoint(p1, p, min.point.getY())
#Regarder plus proche suivant X du quel, Pas Y???
d1 = abs(results[0].getX() - site.point.getX())
d2 = abs(results[0].getX() - site.point.getX())
if d1 < d2:
elif d1 > d2:
#Echanger sites...
elif d1 == d2:
#Ajout 2 event
if p1 is not None:
min = findMinCircle(p1, p, site)
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