Commit 0c8f9b14 authored by François-Xavier Lebastard's avatar François-Xavier Lebastard
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fix (liquidbase) : correction de la migration des données - l'utilisateur...

fix (liquidbase) : correction de la migration des données - l'utilisateur admin ne pouvait pas voir le formulaire
parent c43b6388
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insert into scope (id_user, id_role, wildcard) values (3, 4, false);
insert into scope_form (id_scope, id_form) SELECT currval('scope_id_seq'), 1101;
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@
<include file="config/liquibase/changelog/20210420151000_drop_screen_previous_id.sql" relativeToChangelogFile="false"/>
<include file="config/liquibase/changelog/20210422143300_screen_name_bo.sql" relativeToChangelogFile="false"/>
<include file="config/liquibase/changelog/20210427153800_migration_workspace.sql" relativeToChangelogFile="false"/>
<include file="config/liquibase/changelog/20210428172600_migration_droit.sql" relativeToChangelogFile="false"/>
<!-- jhipster-needle-liquibase-add-constraints-changelog - JHipster will add liquibase constraints changelogs here -->
<!-- jhipster-needle-liquibase-add-incremental-changelog - JHipster will add incremental liquibase changelogs here -->
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