Commit 52b9b67d authored by François-Xavier Lebastard's avatar François-Xavier Lebastard
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chore (migration) résolution conflit de merge

parents ef6d5c45 989d8c0a
......@@ -52,6 +52,9 @@
"java:war:prod": "npm run java:war -- -Pprod",
"java:docker:dev": "npm run java:docker -- -Pdev,webapp",
"java:docker:prod": "npm run java:docker -- -Pprod",
"start-app": "docker-compose -f src/main/docker/app.yml up",
"build:java": "./mvnw package -Pprod -DskipTests -Dskip.npm jib:dockerBuild",
"java": "npm run build:java && npm run start-app",
"ci:backend:test": "npm run backend:info && npm run backend:doc:test && npm run backend:nohttp:test && npm run backend:unit:test",
"ci:server:package": "npm run java:$npm_package_config_packaging:$npm_package_config_default_environment",
"ci:e2e:package": "npm run java:$npm_package_config_packaging:$npm_package_config_default_environment -- -Pe2e -Denforcer.skip=true",
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