Commit 989d8c0a authored by Julien BOUYER's avatar Julien BOUYER
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Ajout des scripts NPM pour les dev front (build et run java)

parent df427f6a
......@@ -106,9 +106,12 @@
"cleanup": "rimraf target/classes/static/",
"clean-www": "rimraf target/classes/static/app/{src,target/}",
"start": "npm run webpack:dev",
"start-app": "docker-compose -f src/main/docker/app.yml up",
"start-tls": "npm run webpack:dev -- --env.tls",
"serve": "npm run start",
"build": "npm run webpack:prod",
"build:java": "./mvnw package -Pprod -DskipTests -Dskip.npm jib:dockerBuild",
"java": "npm run build:java && npm run start-app",
"jest": "jest --coverage --logHeapUsage --maxWorkers=2 --no-cache --config src/test/javascript/jest.conf.js",
"jest:update": "npm run jest -- --updateSnapshot",
"webpack:build": "npm run cleanup && npm run webpack:build:main",
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