Commit e0c34877 authored by Django Janny's avatar Django Janny
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UNOTOPLYS-313 - Cas de la liste de propositions vide à gérer

parent 88b379cd
<oa-label :label="$t('screen.item.choices.question')" :required="true" />
<oa-label :label="$t('screen.item.choices.question')" required="true" />
@change="editItem({ question: $ })"
class="w-full px-6 py-4 mb-8 text-lg transition bg-white border rounded-md outline-none ring-inset focus:ring"
@update="editItem({ required: $event })"
<div class="flex items-center">
<oa-checkbox :label="$t('screen.item.common.required')" :value="item.required" @update="editItem({ required: $event })" />
<div class="flex items-center" v-if="item.question">
<div class="flex-auto font-bold">{{ $t('screen.item.choices.answers.label') }} (*)</div>
<div class="flex-none">
<button @click="addNewChoice" class="flex p-2 border border-transparent hover:bg-white active:bg-blue-100 hover:text-blue-600">
......@@ -22,7 +17,7 @@
<div class="bg-white border border-gray-200 rounded-md pl-4 py-2">
<div class="bg-white border border-gray-200 rounded-md pl-4 py-2" v-if="item.choices && item.choices.length > 0">
<div class="grid grid-cols-12 gap-x-2 gap-y-2 items-center">
<div class="col-span-6 font-bold ml-2">{{ $t('screen.item.choices.answers.answerLabel') }} (*)</div>
<div class="col-span-3 font-bold text-center">{{ $t('screen.item.choices.answers.answerValue') }} (*)</div>
......@@ -56,7 +51,9 @@
<p class="mt-1 text-sm italic text-gray-500" id="h">{{ $t('screen.item.choices.answers.helpText') }}</p>
<p v-if="item.choices && item.choices.length > 0" class="mt-1 text-sm italic text-gray-500" id="h">
{{ $t('screen.item.choices.answers.helpText') }}
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