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parent 4f65eeed
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ function mcm_ilp_odd!(model::Model, C::Tuple{Vector{VariableRef}, Vector{Variabl
fix(samemcm[0,i], 1, force=true)
@constraint(model, [i in 1:NA], mcma[i] + mcmb[i] == 1)
@constraint(model, [i in 1:(NA-1)], mcma[i+1] <= mcma[a])
@constraint(model, [i in 1:(NA-1)], mcma[i+1] <= mcma[i])
@constraint(model, [k in 1:NA, l in (k+1):NA], 2*samemcm[k,l] >= mcma[k]+mcma[l]-1)
@constraint(model, [k in 1:NA, l in (k+1):NA], 2*samemcm[k,l] >= mcmb[k]+mcmb[l]-1)
@constraint(model, [k in 1:NA, l in (k+1):NA], mcma[k]+mcma[l]+1 == 2*mcmbin[k,l]+samemcm[k,l])
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