Commit 9d0050d9 authored by Rémi's avatar Rémi
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Add isempty

parent e7464560
name = "AdderGraphs"
uuid = "818587fb-0c22-4279-a2b9-8b16b5360b71"
version = "0.2.9"
version = "0.2.10"
......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ export get_input_addernode_value
# AdderGraph
export length
export isempty
export get_nodes
export push_node!
export push_output!
import Base.length
import Base.isempty
function length(addergraph::AdderGraph)
return length(addergraph.constants)
function isempty(addergraph::AdderGraph)
return (length(addergraph.constants)+length(addergraph.outputs)==0)
function get_nodes(addergraph::AdderGraph)
return addergraph.constants
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