Commit a0b85242 authored by Rémi's avatar Rémi
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Add Project.toml for jMCM

parent 59f58661
name = "jMCM"
uuid = "1093c137-b6a1-4724-88ca-aaf1fbfbca0a"
authors = ["Rémi <>"]
version = "0.1.0"
AdderGraphs = "818587fb-0c22-4279-a2b9-8b16b5360b71"
JuMP = "4076af6c-e467-56ae-b986-b466b2749572"
# include("../../AdderGraphs/src/AdderGraphs.jl")
# using .AdderGraphs
module jMCM
using JuMP
using ..AdderGraphs
using AdderGraphs
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