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    msg: new estimator_status_flags message for more accessible ekf2 status logging · 4f62355d
    Daniel Agar authored
     - log all estimator (ekf2) flags as separate booleans in a new dedicated low rate message (only publishes at 1 Hz or immediately on any change)
     - this is a bit verbose, but it avoids the duplicate bit definitions we currently have across PX4 msgs, ecl analysis script, flight review, and many other custom tools and it's much easier for casual log review in FlightPlot, PlotJuggler, csv, etc
     - for compatibility I've left estimator_status filter_fault_flags, innovation_check_flags, and solution_status_flags in place, but they can gradually be removed as tooling is updated
    Co-authored-by: default avatarMathieu Bresciani <brescianimathieu@gmail.com>