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    new manual_control_switches msg (split out of manual_control_setpoint) (#16270) · ef6209ba
    Daniel Agar authored
     - split out switches from manual_control_setpoint into new message manual_control_switches
     - manual_control_switches published at minimal rate (~ 1 Hz) or immediately on change
     - simple switch debounce in rc_update (2 consecutive identical decodes required)
     - manual_control_switches logged at full rate rather than sampled at (5-10% of messages logged)
     - manual_control_setpoint publish at minimal rate unless changing
     - commander handle landing gear switch for manual modes
     - processing of mode_slot and mode_switch is now split so we only do one or the other (not both)
         - a future step will be to finally drop mode_switch and accompanying switches entirely
    Co-authored-by: default avatarMatthias Grob <maetugr@gmail.com>