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    Gradiant(u) and rot(u) can now be dumped. · b75263e3
    Yann CAPDEVILLE authored
             There are two options, one to dump the true curvilinear fields
             and one local approximation (corresponding to what is measuring
             a sensor?)
             documentation update
     Changes to be committed:
    	modified:   Changlog
    	new file:   check/gradient/README
    	new file:   check/gradient/iin
    	new file:   check/gradient/make_grad.csh
    	new file:   check/gradient/nms.dat
    	new file:   check/gradient/receivers.dat
    	new file:   check/gradient/sources.dat
    	new file:   check/gradient/yannos.dat
    	modified:   doc/modeslib_doc.tex
    	modified:   doc/symbol.sty
    	modified:   nms/global_main.f90
    	modified:   nms/module_modes.f90
    	modified:   nms/nms.f90